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Terp Jerkers

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terpjerkers website

The project's co-founders, John Harkins and Johnerick Lawson, came up with the idea during a night of laughter and creativity in Vermont. Johnerick's curiosity about the new AI-generated art led him to explore the idea of creating a Generative Art composite process to experiment with the tool.

The project aims to create stunning artwork that blends human imagination with technology. To maintain transparency and authenticity, the Generative Art composite process ensures that no direct AI art will be used, and all images will be composited, edited, and styled by the artist.

The Terpjerkers project is meant to be humorous, mysterious, and fun, inviting viewers to explore and enjoy the ever-changing and growing world of the Terp Forest. Through the Terpjerkers trading cards, the project offers a glimpse into the world of Terps and the enigmatic Terpjerkers who harvest them.

Overall, the Terpjerkers project is a fascinating and innovative approach to art, showcasing the ingenuity and creativity of artists working with new technologies to produce stunning works of art.

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